in a whole in a sentence

  1. Minnesota is unlikely to have six murders in a whole year.
  2. He competed in a whole other area, with fresh merchandise.
  3. And she is a player, in a whole new ballgame.
  4. Today I'm in a whole better place,"
  5. Do you know how much cheese is in a whole wheel?
  6. It's difficult to find in a whole in a sentence.
  7. I have come to hate garbage in a whole new way,
  8. And now people are seeing me in a whole different way.
  9. Shoot, I was hitting 15 in a whole season earlier,
  10. You get to hear music in a whole new way ."
  11. The museum would result in a whole different teaching of Jewish history.
  12. It sure is, in a whole lot of respects.
  13. With Belle, the White Sox are in a whole other sphere.
  14. Putting in a whole-house water softener might help.
  15. And then just being down in a whole bunch of other series.
  16. Jesse might bring in a whole new era in politics.
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