in a whisper in a sentence

  1. Tyson recalls in a whisper while taking a break in her trailer.
  2. Allen, 41, begged in a whisper during a clemency hearing in December.
  3. "I think about her every day, " he said in a whisper.
  4. "I know I can do it, " she said in a whisper.
  5. In a whisper, she added : " Are we so violent?
  6. It's difficult to find in a whisper in a sentence.
  7. Schrempf spoke in a whisper but it was a blaring commentary.
  8. But the rout that began with a war cry ended in a whisper.
  9. Dube said, speaking in a whisper because of a heart condition.
  10. "Don't take pictures of this, " she said in a whisper.
  11. Bessy was asked in a whisper if the dancers were afraid of her.
  12. "Who's telling you ? " he asked me in a whisper.
  13. Back then, people always talked about the disease, in a whisper.
  14. Amini is able to speak in a whisper through his stitches.
  15. The senators named by Drew have denied they engaged in a whisper campaign.
  16. "She was a beautiful lady, " he said in a whisper.
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