in a trice in a sentence

"in a trice" in Chinese  
  1. Nanjunda is immediately enamoured, and switches allegiance in a trice.
  2. Enter the mercurial Preki Radosavljevic, who turned the match around in a trice.
  3. In a trice Jospin would no longer be his party's hero, but its scapegoat.
  4. In a trice, Vickers has set the equipment, and Sky gives him the coordinates to start the radar.
  5. Its three roller-skate wheels allow it to spin in a trice on its axis, shedding light on virtually anything.
  6. It's difficult to find in a trice in a sentence.
  7. In a trice, it became a tool for leveraging, no less cynical in its application than the use of religion.
  8. Let them go a month or two without proper Roquefort, and we'll see them rethink that war in a trice.
  9. But other articles attribute the same virtue also to other military leaders, in a trice namely Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck and possibly Uesugi Kenshin.
  10. Together we hoisted the animal onto a table and in a trice the pup was anesthetized and flat on its back, its paws restrained by soft straps.
  11. Both had seen that it was possible to have everything taken away in a trice and I always figured that was why they saved all those bits of old string.
  12. He shouted a command and a number of men sprang out of the back of his truck, dropped a ramp therefrom and in a trice had loaded my car into the larger vehicle.
  13. In a trice, hideous tentacles are out, bloody infants are bursting out of screaming women, corpses are left behind and Patrick is stashing his first offspring in an outbuilding on an unused family estate.
  14. If it looks like a spring shower under there, I will lift off the cellophane and give my babies a breather, because too much moisture encourages fungal diseases that can kill tender seedlings in a trice.
  15. The spell would not be broken if the deer were loved .  But if love should fail them thrice, they would vanish in a trice ( Thurber, 45-46 ),  the Recorder said.
  16. If such an attitude were there I'd oppose in a trice, but it's not, and thank goodness for that . :-) Kim Bruning 09 : 49, 23 May 2006 ( UTC)
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