in a trap in a sentence

"in a trap" in Chinese  
  1. Splinter is captured by Hun to serve as bait in a trap.
  2. Lucello is caught in a trap and forced to be left behind.
  3. He set them in a trap in the woods near the house.
  4. Turkey's elite is therefore caught in a trap of its own making.
  5. Like Norman, he whiffed, then plunked his next one in a trap.
  6. It's difficult to find in a trap in a sentence.
  7. He was a rat in a trap looking for a way out.
  8. Finally, only the coldest, slowest atoms are left in a trap.
  9. Even best my dad in a trap shoot while wearing taffeta and tulle.
  10. The key issue is that the IMF is in a trap.
  11. The two are captured in a trap set by the FBI and Gaia.
  12. However, Totsuma is caught in a trap and killed when the fortress collapses.
  13. Fusaichi Pegasus could get in a trap, or he could be bumped around.
  14. "We are here, like in a trap, " said Milazim Hasani.
  15. Top basketball players who don't show emotion are frequently caught in a trap.
  16. "I landed in a trap on that one, " he said.
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