in a transport in a sentence

"in a transport" in Chinese  
  1. Trouble is, he is not in a transport aircraft.
  2. "I thought we'd be assisting in a transport.
  3. He became a colonel and served in a transport division.
  4. Then he was taken in a transport to the camps.
  5. The swab is placed in a transport tube and sent to a laboratory for testing.
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  7. The remaining German populace was expelled in a transport on 27 November 1946 heading to Torgau.
  8. Watson is furious and later goes to the press, which results in a transport strike.
  9. Gruber left Czechoslovakia in a transport of Jewish youths during the early days of the Nazi occupation.
  10. As of 2014, The station is currently overgrown and partly fenced off in a transport yard.
  11. Chasing the dog, Alexander ends up in a transport plane full of paratroopers led by Lloyd Bridges.
  12. Two soldiers in a transport vehicle were wounded by shrapnel and were quickly evacuated by helicopter to Israel.
  13. "The Manchester bid made the city put in a transport infrastructure, " she said.
  14. The protocol encapsulates the parameter group in a transport protocol, either globally or to a specific address.
  15. Two soldiers in a transport vehicle suffered shrapnel wounds and were quickly evacuated by a military helicopter to Israel.
  16. MacLachlan stayed on Malta and took a flight in a transport aircraft on 6 March, winning the shilling bet.
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