in a tone in a sentence

"in a tone" in Chinese  
  1. Clinton might say, in a tone of infinitely mocking regret.
  2. Farmer said, in a tone that says she means it.
  3. It's decidedly untitillating, written in a tone of textbookese.
  4. Father Timotheos said in a tone that left no room for debate.
  5. Alexakis sang in a tone recalling the bitter side of Elvis Costello.
  6. It's difficult to find in a tone in a sentence.
  7. Others read them in a tone dismissive of legal gobbledygook.
  8. Pagones answered in a tone that suggested his answer had been polite.
  9. Robinson said that night in a tone of high-decibel exasperation.
  10. Afterward, many speak of the doctor in a tone approaching reverence.
  11. Ruettgers replied in a tone that suggested he was belaboring the obvious.
  12. Helton said this flatly, in a tone neither threatening nor humorous.
  13. Michael Boyd scoffed Tuesday in a tone mixed with amusement and regret.
  14. McDonough asks Remy on the air in a tone of mock grievance.
  15. Ektic said sadly in a tone that harbored little hope of reunion.
  16. Baranikov adds in a tone that doesn't invite further discussion.
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