in a tone of in a sentence

"in a tone of" in Chinese  
  1. Clinton might say, in a tone of infinitely mocking regret.
  2. It's decidedly untitillating, written in a tone of textbookese.
  3. Robinson said that night in a tone of high-decibel exasperation.
  4. McDonough asks Remy on the air in a tone of mock grievance.
  5. Feingold asked, in a tone of understated sarcasm.
  6. It's difficult to find in a tone of in a sentence.
  7. Garcia says in a tone of voice suggesting a visit to the moon.
  8. Ryan's final days are told in a tone of childlike innocence.
  9. He asked this in a tone of unmitigated admiration.
  10. Kowalczyk says in a tone of comic relief.
  11. Halberstam said in a tone of undisguised disgust.
  12. Berchier says in a tone of mild annoyance.
  13. Scalia challenged him in a tone of incredulity.
  14. Thiik said, in a tone of wonder.
  15. Harvey says in a tone of profound gratitude.
  16. Pace said in a tone of better-them-than-me awe.
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