in a tizzy in a sentence

"in a tizzy" meaning  "in a tizzy" in Chinese  
  1. I called my mom from the Albuquerque airport in a tizzy.
  2. But for weeks afterward, the town was in a tizzy.
  3. You'll have to excuse Hollywood for getting in a tizzy.
  4. When he finally came down, the building was in a tizzy.
  5. In a tizzy over what to wear to that annual benefit ball?
  6. It's difficult to find in a tizzy in a sentence.
  7. What got us in a tizzy was the family-entertainment thing,
  8. The financial markets have been in a tizzy ever since.
  9. It has the media elite's insular fraternity in a tizzy.
  10. The other secretaries were in a tizzy and running around the office.
  11. Boston is in a tizzy over Sargent this summer.
  12. Predictably, card-carrying members of the ACLU are in a tizzy.
  13. That possibility has Smithsonian scientists in a tizzy, as well it might.
  14. Since Pitino was hired, the Bluegrass State has been in a tizzy.
  15. Environmentalists and some state officials are in a tizzy.
  16. On the island, things are in a tizzy.
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