in a stream in a sentence

"in a stream" in Chinese  
  1. During typical network congestion, not all packets in a stream are dropped.
  2. Then he could let it all go in a stream of tears.
  3. Russian media have ridiculed the hotline in a stream of front-page humor.
  4. The victory for CNN is an island in a stream of losses.
  5. He is like a hooked fish let loose again in a stream.
  6. It's difficult to find in a stream in a sentence.
  7. She spelled weir, a fence set in a stream to trap fish.
  8. Unsupervised learning is the ability to find patterns in a stream of input.
  9. A small window high in the wall let in a stream of light.
  10. Slowly add the oil in a stream until an emulsion forms.
  11. Some pebbles were rounded, perhaps from being tumbled in a stream.
  12. Imo, a young female, washed her potato in a stream before eating it.
  13. The shuttle shattered in a stream of fiery debris over Texas.
  14. He was found dead in a stream just below Base Camp.
  15. To escape, Kelvin pressed the button and landed in a stream.
  16. Compression can be carried out in a stream or in blocks.
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