imputed in a sentence

"imputed" in Chinese  
  1. They impute to others their own good motives and good will.
  2. But to what do the elk impute our love of asphalt?
  3. Why did we impute the title of murderer to our race?
  4. Please see where it has been used before imputing evil motives.
  5. The tax system will impute an interest rate on the loan.
  6. It's difficult to find imputed in a sentence.
  7. I am not imputing any fault to you in making it.
  8. It had therefore been imputed that Tandwa had waived his privilege.
  9. The Arabists called for an evenhanded policy, imputing fairness and impartiality.
  10. Where I draw the line is when somebody begins imputing bad intentions.
  11. Packer's statement of claim said the ABC program imputed he:
  12. Catholic history traditionally imputes these persecutions to the Visigothic kings.
  13. Additional genetic variants and the classical HLA alleles were imputed and analyzed.
  14. John Wesley believed that imparted righteousness worked in tandem with imputed righteousness.
  15. Only through His imputed and imparted righteousness can we prevail.
  16. You imputed a bad faith motive for his observed inaction.
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