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  1. CPI contains a large component of owner-equivalent rent, which by definition is an imputed value and not a real direct expenditure.
  2. While there are certain exceptions, generally under the Internal Revenue Code Section 152, the imputed value of the benefit will be considered taxable income.
  3. One might try to include the imputed value of women's work in the national income figures, just as some countries include the imputed rental value of owner-occupied housing.
  4. Ronald has followed his roadmap to become a person deeply engaged in youth development with a sole aim of imputing values into young people that model them into leaders in touch with the 21st century problems.
  5. They find that the ship has been taken over by a military unit commanded by Captain Hornsby, a self-important opportunist devoted to practical realism, a cynical and amoral doctrine that imputes value only to things of immediate benefit.
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  7. After the cash and asset swap, the imputed value of Compuserve's on-line service is $ 250 million, which would seem to show that the real value lies in the dull plumbing of cyberspace, not the glamour of the on-line service.
  8. What other options, if any, are there when one needs to account for a mix of more-precise and less-precise measurements, for an inherently heteroskedastic measurement method ( where the heteroskedasticity can't just be eliminated by nonlinear transformations ), or for the inclusion of estimated or imputed values in a data set?
  9. Many term life policies do allow prorated refunds at some point during the life of the policy, during the insured's lifetime, although such refund is usually " short rated ", that is, it is significantly less than the imputed value of the refund if calculated using conventional tables, using the rate of return specified in the insurance contract.

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