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  1. Imputed rent can thus serve as an important measure between home owners and tenants.
  2. Never heard of " imputed rent ?"
  3. While the idea of imputed rent applies to any capital good, it is most commonly used in reference to home ownership.
  4. The amount that would have changed hands had the owner and occupier been different persons is called the "'imputed rent " '.
  5. The decline in the annual CPI is the first time since the Management and Coordination Agency began calculating under its current system, which includes imputed rent.
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  7. In 2014, rent and imputed rent  an estimate of how much home-owners would pay if they rented their home  accounted for 12.3 % of GDP.
  8. "' Imputed rent "'is an estimate in economic theory of the rent a house owner would be willing to pay to live in his or her own house.
  9. In other words, the administration is arbitrarily inflating people's incomes by counting pensions they haven't received, insurance policies they haven't collected, and " imputed rent " they haven't seen.
  10. The index is a simplification of home values and does not account for imputed rent and home mortgage interest deduction, both of which are included in profit / loss considerations for investment purposes.
  11. Unreported and under-reported income; IRA and Keogh deductions; nontaxable transfer payments such as Social Security and AFDC; employer-provided fringe benefits; inside build-up pensions ( and ) and life insurance; tax-exempt interest; and imputed rent on owner housing.
  12. Imputed rent is the economic theory of imputation applied to real estate : that the value of a good is more a matter of what the buyer is willing to pay than the cost the seller incurs to create it.
  13. The imputed income an owner receives from an investment in owner-occupied housing has always escaped taxation, much like the imputed ( estimated ) income someone receives from doing his own cooking instead of hiring a chef, but the Act changed the treatment of imputed rent, local property taxes, and mortgage interest payments to favor homeownership, while phasing out many investment incentives for rental housing.

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