imputed knowledge in a sentence

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  1. By its nature, a companies and other business entities exclusively depends on the ability to impute knowledge.
  2. This seems to me to reinforce the conclusion that knowledge, or at least imputed knowledge, is necessary.
  3. More accurately, apart from actual knowledge they are formulations of the circumstances which may lead the court to impute knowledge of the facts to the alleged constructive trustee even though he lacked actual knowledge of those facts.
  4. I don't know at any moment what my interests are, all of which are minor . . . . You can impute knowledge to me, but I don't pay any attention ."
  5. "The records implicate the partnership to the extent that they impute knowledge of the SEC inquiry to the entire firm, " said Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor who is now a partner at McCarter & AMP; English.
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