if so then in a sentence

"if so then" in Chinese  
  1. If so then, for the next few numbers please help me out.
  2. If so then we should seriously rethink our monetary contributions as well.
  3. If so then there is a lot of flavor in the skin.
  4. *Regarding Sources :-If so then should we give no reference and sources?
  5. Should I request an admin to it, if so then to any admin?
  6. It's difficult to find if so then in a sentence.
  7. If so then you don't have to buy the wireless router.
  8. If so then I suggest he read the Wegman Report on Mann's work.
  9. And if so then should I mark it as a stub?
  10. If so then perhaps someone else could write the article and submit it.
  11. If so then you'd expect there to be more research into treating children.
  12. If so then the known health risks of tobacco use make it bad.
  13. If so then you don't need to check for that.
  14. If so then it carries all the dangers of tobacco.
  15. If so then I can't decrement, otherwise I can ."
  16. If so then comparison to the DNA of present day Albanians would be interesting.
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