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"if clause" in Chinese  
  1. But if clause 7 must be read with clause 11 the difficulty disappears.
  2. Mr Lee said that if Clause 29 was being followed, Hopewell would be entitled to claim compensation.
  3. If it has the same function as " if you please, " then it would be an adverb since an if clause is an adverbial clause.
  4. An "'if bet "'is a type of gambling bet that consists of at least two straight bets joined together by an if clause that determines the wager process.
  5. The inclusion of this type if clause provides both investors and the federal government with greater certainty, facilitating the process of renegotiation in the remote possibility that it should be needed,
  6. It's difficult to find if clause in a sentence.
  7. Other subjunctivists, in any case, are more alarmed at seeing were used for was, a mistake often triggered by an If clause : " If he were wrong, he should apologize ."
  8. If I were you is subjunctive, but If I was unfair, I apologize is not; the if clause is stating the premise on which the apology depends, not expressing doubt about it.
  9. If clause expansion is restricted by connectedness ( either strong or weak ), its application produces a tableau in which substitution can applied to one of the new leaves, closing its branch.
  10. In most languages, some character sequences have the lexical form of an identifier but are known as keywords  for example, if is frequently a keyword for an if clause, but lexically is of the same form as ig or foo namely a sequence of letters.
  11. Even if clause 6 of the agreement of February 8, 1966, operated as a release to Bronze of the bank's equitable interest, it would not merge because the price had been paid by D . H . N ., and Bronze would hold it on a resulting trust for D . H . N.
  12. It considered a number of other clauses which provided for various procedures if clause 2.1 were not complied with ( including the grace period in clause 8.1 ), and held that clause 2.1 could not be considered an essential term, as it could not be said that Burger King would not have entered the contract without being assured of strict compliance with it.

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