if character in a sentence

"if character" in Chinese  
  1. If character isn't destiny in Munro's world, it surely steers the boat.
  2. Of course, if character were the only criteria, Steele still would be employed.
  3. Even works of fiction are open to challenge, he says, if characters are recognizable.
  4. "If character is the question, Roy Barnes isn't the answer, " the advertisement maintains.
  5. The only punishment for such behavior is if characters outside the party witness it.
  6. It's difficult to find if character in a sentence.
  7. "If characters captivate you, and they happen to work in the industry, that's enough,"
  8. If characters don't grow, the storytelling can get stagnant.
  9. And if character counts most, that, too, isn't changing.
  10. If character is built along with a rise in commercial fortunes, so much the better.
  11. If character, honor, integrity and honesty no longer matter, then we have lost our way completely.
  12. If characters and cartoons were banned, though, the experts are split on the impact it would have.
  13. If characters are just going to sit down and talk, they really don't need to be drawn ."
  14. If characters fall in battle, they are subjected to permanent death, removing them from the rest of the game.
  15. _" If character is the issue, Gore still comes out ahead, " said Noelle Yuen, 41, a psychiatrist from Waipahu, Hawaii.
  16. The player must also adjust the turn order successfully, as team attacks are formed if characters act one after each other.
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