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  1. Ruskin said that the ICDs " are extremely successful devices.
  2. UNICEF has provided essential supplies for the ICDS scheme since 1975.
  3. In fact, ICDs are composed of an ICD generator and of wires.
  4. This device is mainly indicated in patients who are not immediate candidates for ICDs.
  5. Current ICDs weigh only 70 grams and are about 12.9 mm thick.
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  7. The role of impulsivity in the ICDs varies.
  8. The cost of ICDS programme averages $ 10 $ 22 per child a year.
  9. Initially ICDs were implanted via thoracotomy with defibrillator patches applied to the epicardium or pericardium.
  10. ICDS was launched in 1975 in accordance to the National Policy for Children in India.
  11. Medicare has been studying a request to cover the expanded use of ICDs since late May.
  12. The second technique takes the form of ICDs for transactions of sale of properties and investments.
  13. Modern ICDs do not require a thoracotomy and possess pacing, cardioversion, and defibrillation capabilities.
  14. The Cameron Health S-ICD had the disadvantage of being somewhat bulkier than existing ICDs.
  15. Technological advances have given the devices, especially ICDs, more powerful capabilities over the past decade.
  16. Some ICDs can also act as a pacemaker, accelerating a heart rate that is too slow.
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