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  1. The ICDP was among the first to protest and help organize opposition to the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.
  2. The GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences serves as the headquarters for both the current ICDP and the former KTB project.
  3. These projects were initially called integrated conservation and development projects ( ICDP ) and addressed a wide variety of community development needs.
  4. In November 1985 most of an ICDP-sponsored delegation to South Africa, including ICDP President White, were refused visas.
  5. In November 1985 most of an ICDP-sponsored delegation to South Africa, including ICDP President White, were refused visas.
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  7. The experiences were the foundation of the follow-up project, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ( ICDP ) founded in 1996.
  8. One of the lessons learned from ICDP attempts was that the success of the projects depended on the ability to focus on key interventions and avoid excessive complexity.
  9. The first phase of Madagascar's Environment Plan ( EP1, 1990 1996 ) was marked by the creation of Integrated Conservation and Development Projects ( ICDP ).
  10. The ICDP was founded in February 1996 in the German Embassy in Tokyo as a result of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program ( KTB; 1987-1995 ).
  11. In March 1984 it was reported that ICDP had promised to pay a Salvadoran military figure $ 50, 000 to come to the US to provide evidence on Salvadoran death squads.
  12. The "'International Center for Development Policy "'( ICDP ) was a non-profit public policy research and advocacy think tank with offices in Washington, D . C ..
  13. Government Higher Secondary School, Chathamattom; Chathamattom Post Office; Telecommunication Office; ICDP Sub Centre; Cultuaral Centre cum indoor stadium, Ottakandom; Anganvady ( 2 ); Kadavoor Service Cooperative Bank Branch Chathamattom.
  14. "' Scientific Drilling "', the open access ICDP and IODP Programme Journal, is a multidisciplinary journal focused on bringing the latest science and news from scientific drilling and related programmes to the geosciences community.
  15. A team of scientists headed by palaeontologist Professor Thomas Litt at the University of Bonn has applied for funding from the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ( ICDP ) for a new, deeper-drilling project to examine the lake's sediments.
  16. Roussopoulos organised in August 1968 the first international meeting of the new left in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia with delegates from several countries, including Frank Wolff from the German SDS . He was an active council member throughout the history of the ICDP which mobilized world-wide opposition against the Vietnam War.
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