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  1. The prognosis for children with hydranencephaly is generally quite poor.
  2. Despite determination of cause, hydranencephaly afflicts both males and females in equal numbers.
  3. Still other infants display no obvious symptoms at birth, going many months without a confirmed diagnosis of hydranencephaly.
  4. The encoded protein may play a role in development of brain vascular endothelial cells, as mutations at this locus have been associated with proliferative vasculopathy and hydranencephaly-hydrocephaly syndrome.
  5. Though hydranencephaly is typically a congenital disorder, it can occur as a postnatal diagnosis in the aftermath of meningitis, intracerebral infarction, and ischemia ( stroke ), or other traumatic brain injury.
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  7. One medical journal reports hydranencephaly as an autosomal inherited disorder with an unknown mode of transmission, where an unknown blockage of the carotid artery where it enters the cranium causes obstruction and damage to the cerebral cortex.
  8. Although the exact cause of hydranencephaly remains undetermined in most cases, the most likely general cause is by vascular insult such as stroke or injury, intrauterine infections, or traumatic disorders after the first trimester of pregnancy.
  9. "' Hydranencephaly "'or "'hydrancephaly "'is a condition in which the brain's cerebral hemispheres are absent to varying degrees and the remaining cranial cavity is filled with cerebrospinal fluid.
  10. Another cause factor is determined to be monochorionic twin pregnancies, involving the death of one twin in the second trimester, which in turn causes vascular exchange to the living twin through placental circulation through twin-to-twin transfusion, causing hydranencephaly in the surviving fetus.

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