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  1. Fipronil bait is more effective and kills faster than Hydramethylnon.
  2. Hydramethylnon kills insects by disrupting energy production in their cells.
  3. Bait containing hydramethylnon and fipronil effectively reduced the number of workers foraging.
  4. Hydramethylnon residues are much less active against cockroaches by contact than by ingestion.
  5. Mortality rates caused by secondary transmission are higher for Fipronil bait than for Hydramethylnon bait.
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  7. Hydramethylnon is known to cause cancer in rats, particularly uterine and adrenal tumours and lung cancer.
  8. To discourage ants in the compost pile, apply one of the fast-acting baits that contain hydramethylnon.
  9. In this way cockroaches that have eaten Hydramethylnon infect other cockroaches that have not had direct exposure to the baits.
  10. Hydramethylnon is a slow-acting stomach poison ( delayed toxicity ) that does not need to be eaten to be effective.
  11. "' Amdro "'is a trade name for a hydramethylnon-based hydrazone insecticide, commonly used in the southern United States for fire ant control.
  12. Hydramethylnon is especially toxic to fish; the 96-hour LC 50 in rainbow trout is 0.16 mg / L, 0.10 mg / L in channel catfish, and 1.70 mg / L in bluegill sunfish.
  13. Pest control usually requires exploiting their omnivorous dietary habits, through use of slow-acting poison bait ( e . g . fipronil, hydramethylnon sulfuramid ), which will be carried back to the nest by the workers, eventually killing all the individuals, including the queens.

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