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  1. Hydramatic automatic transmission was optional and hydraulic window lifts were standard.
  2. Surprisingly Hydramatic automatic transmission was optional but power windows were standard equipment.
  3. It was fitted hydrostatic transmission having the normal Rexroth Hydramatic axial piston pumps.
  4. Jensen used their own powerful version of the Rolls-Royce hydramatic gearboxes.
  5. The engine utilises a four-speed RR-General Motors Hydramatic transmission.
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  7. Hydramatic automatic transmission is available for the first time as a paid for option.
  8. It inspired Earl Thompson, who invented syncromesh, to develop the Hydramatic transmission.
  9. All engines were available with a Turbo-hydramatic 400 automatic transmission as standard equipment.
  10. The all cast-iron Hydramatic was the heaviest automatic transmission ever produced for automobiles.
  11. Hydramatic automatic transmission was now standard equipment.
  12. Variants with hydramatic transmission were never completed.
  13. The automatic transmission was the GM-produced Hydramatic ( called Flashaway by AMC ).
  14. The Hydramatic Transmission, a fully, clutchless automatic transmission debuted in the 1940 model year.
  15. The Hydramatic employed a fluid coupling.
  16. Transmission options were initially three-speed manual or the newly introduced three-speed Roto Hydramatic.
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