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  1. The engine utilises a four-speed RR-General Motors Hydramatic transmission.
  2. It inspired Earl Thompson, who invented syncromesh, to develop the Hydramatic transmission.
  3. Variants with hydramatic transmission were never completed.
  4. The Hydramatic Transmission, a fully, clutchless automatic transmission debuted in the 1940 model year.
  5. Turbo Hydramatic transmission, variable-ratio power steering and power front disc brakes continued as standard equipment.
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  7. Dual-range Hydramatic transmissions were bought from GM and were optional in Aces and Eagles beginning in August 1953.
  8. A new technical feature was the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, also used in the Eldorado and the Sixty Special.
  9. The 4T80-E is a hydramatic transmission and was developed for use with Double Overhead Camshaft ( DOHC ) V8.
  10. All HydraMatic transmissions suffer some shift quality with today's ATF fluid as Type " A " fluid is not available.
  11. I have embraced the new washday miracle, the Hydramatic transmission, the flip-top box and the pop-top can.
  12. The three-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission that previously only offered with the and V8s was now available with the Turbo Fire V8.
  13. One drawback of this thinking was that the 1961 through 1964 Oldsmobiles lost their dependable ( but expensive to build ) Jetaway Hydramatic transmissions.
  14. As in previous years, variable ratio power steering and Turbo Hydramatic transmission were extra-cost options but became standard equipment midway through the 1971 model run.
  15. One of the main challenges was developing a hydramatic transmission, while a possibility of using a torque converter or an electric transmission was also to be checked.
  16. Midway through the 1971 model year, the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission was added to the standard equipment list, eliminating the outdated three-speed manual transmission.
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