hug in a sentence

"hug" meaning  "hug" in Chinese  
  1. Wilson said as more people approached to hug and thank him.
  2. They call each other by their first names, they hug.
  3. Player and owner meet, they reach accord, they hug.
  4. Do you mind if I give you a great big hug?
  5. "That's a lot to hug,"
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  7. She would just get up in your lap and hug you.
  8. You doubtless already know that Wednesday is Hug an Australian Day.
  9. The causes they adopt also tend to hug their business interests.
  10. Now I back away from bestowing gushing hugs and motherly smooches.
  11. I could use a little hug myself, matter of fact.
  12. "Give me a hug, " she said.
  13. Graf immediately headed for her friends'box for congratulatory hugs.
  14. &hugs it to her like a heart attack.
  15. It may well be too late for hugs, of course.
  16. Where were the rent-a-grandmas to hug us?
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