hug himself in a sentence

"hug himself" in Chinese  
  1. He hugs himself with one arm and pushes it away.
  2. He hugs himself like the blind singer did.
  3. He would hug himself, gyrate madly and sometimes ransacked the quarters of employees.
  4. Upon chomping on one, he would hug himself in ecstasy, jump into the air and float back down, sighing.
  5. When he finds something funny, he throws his head back, crosses his arms over his chest as if to hug himself and guffaws.
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  7. Ray stands up and hugs himself-- he had a way of doing that when he got excited-- and said,'The kid's got it ! "'
  8. Although originally choreographed for the Bejart company's own star, Jorge Donn, " Adagio " looks as if it were created for Ruzimatov . There is no need to wonder why he hugs himself before a flex-footed pirouette.
  9. Another featured character was Snuffles, the bloodhound dog that would point to his mouth and " ah-ah-ah-" when he wanted a biscuit, then hug himself, leap up in the air, and float back down after having eaten one.

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