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  1. Jacob Hufty died on May 20, 1814.
  2. Baldwin Hufty ( 4th New Jersey ).
  3. His colleague Hufty added, " The many false-positive results produced by total body CT scans can lead to tremendous anxiety and unnecessary operations and testing ."
  4. After recuperating at Philippeville, Hardy married the 20-year-old Calixte Hufty de Busnel, S閚armont's sister-in-law, on 18 January 1797.
  5. Likable American-Indian actor Adam Beach as Squanto squats on a promontory while intoning some solemn-sounding hufty-magufty about his father the chief's " words of wisdom ."
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  7. The bottom line, neatly summarized by Dr . Mary Hufty, who leads a committee on prevention guidelines for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, is : " A negative total body CT scan does not provide reason to feel reassured, and a positive CT scan does not provide information that has been shown to improve life expectancy or quality of life ."
  8. Watauga High School in nearby Boone, N . C . had staged a production of " The Wizard of Oz " as its spring musical a few months earlier and the student actors appeared in character and in costume to greet visitors as they came off the ski lift . Visitors then made their way to Dorothy's house, which was then the home of the property's owner, Alex Hufty Hays, and viewed a collection of original and replica costumes and props from the 1939 movie.

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