hufschmid in a sentence

  1. Long Term Capital said Hufschmid would be the co-head of its London office.
  2. Following this unhappy event captain Hufschmid took over as team coach and remained coach until 1952.
  3. In 2000, he married the US public relations specialist and climate change activist Kathryn Hufschmid.
  4. In round 4 they had an away tie against Ernst Hufschmid later took over as team coach.
  5. Hans Hufschmid, the head of foreign exchange, quit Wednesday, Robert Baker, Salomon's spokesman said.
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  7. Salomon has lost both the head of its investment bank, Richard Barrett, and its chief of foreign exchange operations, Hans Hufschmid.
  8. They were Victor Haghani, Gregory Hawkins, Lawrence Hilibrand, Hans Hufschmid, Arjun Krishnamachar, Richard Leahy, Robert Merton and Myron Scholes.
  9. Hans U . Hufschmid, who received $ 18 million in compensation from Salomon in 1993, according to a former firm official, also borrowed heavily.
  10. "' Willy Hufschmid "'( born October 9, 1918 ) was a Swiss field handball player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
  11. After his playing career Schall, who suffered from a rare heart condition, moved to Switzerland and took over Ernst Hufschmid then took Basel over as coach.
  12. People involved with the firm said Hufschmid, a foreign-exchange expert who works out of the firm's London office, had borrowed $ 14.6 million to increase his fund equity.
  13. Now Hilibrand and Hufschmid are negotiating with creditors from Credit Lyonnais and other banks to reschedule their debts and to persuade lenders to take a claim on future earnings, say bankers and others involved in the talks.
  14. For the moment, Long-Term Capital, rescued by its nervous creditors, has narrowly avoided a meltdown, and its partners with big debts, like Hilibrand and Hufschmid, seem sanguine about avoiding bankruptcy.
  15. It featured Commentators : Jack McLamb, Kenn Thomas, Jim Marrs, Gary Busey, Eric Hufschmid, John Buchanan, Erskne, Will Thomas, Michael Tsarian, Erika, Barrie Swicker, Simon Aronowitz and Michael Ruppert.
  16. Hufschmid, who along with Haghani manages the Long-Term Capital office on Conduit Street in London's West End, had run Salomon's foreign exchange business, which had at times generated fabulous profits for the Wall Street firm.
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