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  1. The village has a post office and a chambres d'hote, La Cassoulere.
  2. TABLE D'HOTE, 44 E . 92nd St ., ( 212 ) 348-8125.
  3. He studied with Andr?L hote for five weeks and studied with Fernand L間er for a short time.
  4. Meanwhile his cousin Nestor L'Hote, the friend and fellow-traveller of Louvre Museum in 1849.
  5. On Monday Hilton offered td ITowns Sheraton hote bilin cash and stock and assume $ 4 billion in ITT debt.
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  7. Mrs . Casadesus, whose name was originally Gaby L'Hote, was born in Marseilles in August 1901.
  8. They met with Alexander Sutherland at a place called Alltachuilain or Ald-Quhillin, where there ensued a " hote skirmish ".
  9. Later, she signed " Kaashh . . . Mere Hote " to show that she is still interested in Hindi films.
  10. As Executive Producer, Chris is responsible for the creation of over 300 hours of mouth watering television including the series Table d Hote.
  11. Shopkeepers greet you in French, restaurants offer table d'hote ( full dinners at a set price ), the street chatter is lyrical.
  12. A business class hote, Hotel Armada Petaling jaya aims to provide great value-for-money accomodation, coupled with friendly and impeccable service.
  13. We looked for those that provided table d'hote service, too, so we could eat our evening meals as well as breakfasts at home.
  14. He spent a short time traveling Europe and, against the advice of his father, studied art in Paris at Acad閙ie L Hote and Acad閙ie Moderne.
  15. Pierre Camus was an assistant director; Anne-Marie L'Hote and Catherine Adda, assistant editors; Antoine Bonfanti and Paul Bertault, mixing.
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