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  1. Ocracoke Island's 40 horses are kept in a paddock.
  2. The Irish's appreciation for horses goes far beyond racing.
  3. At Oklahoma, when he had the horses, he won.
  4. Yonkers only allowed betting on the other horses in the race.
  5. Bankers Standard, the Cigna unit, no longer insures horses.
  6. It's difficult to find horses in a sentence.
  7. I believe that was where Leon got his love for horses.
  8. It took away the tax incentives for breeding and raising horses.
  9. Years ago, young horses broke into the game more gradually.
  10. Eighty-nine horses bred in California are scheduled to start.
  11. There are six trainers like me now who keep horses here.
  12. Horses interest me, and the people that work with them.
  13. But gradually, wealthy Sudanese began to breed and race horses.
  14. These are people who don't ride horses to work.
  15. Horses and cattle defined a way of life in the West.
  16. But some, like Richard Migliore, were named on horses.
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