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  1. It is named in honer of Marina Tsvetaeva, a Russian poet.
  2. As for the images, Honer says they're no more harmful than Halloween.
  3. Coverage of  honer of  Ex.
  4. A lone honer of his art.
  5. She is married to Gary Honer.
  6. It's difficult to find honer in a sentence.
  7. LONER condoner donor groaner honer known'er loan'er loaner moaner owner phone'er toner
  8. I have the honer of owning one of these ( red Lable ) . Ruger put them ot in 1976.
  9. They led an assembly to the year 7's then walked down the Guard of Honer talking to many students.
  10. The firm's founder, William Honer, who was not implicated in the case, has since removed Timberlake and renamed his company.
  11. Whitson said her daughter, a third-grade honer roll student at Berry Elementary School, has been a Girl Scout since first grade.
  12. Ron Martin, a close friend of Wolfe, donated $ 100, 000.00 towards construction of the playground in honer of Wolfe.
  13. After being victorious, the father of Musakhail gave him the honer Zimrai ( Azmaray, lion ), which means " lion " in Pashto.
  14. In 2007, the Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground was created by the combined effort of Yuman volunteers in honer of Stewart Vincent Wolfe s memory.
  15. After defeating them, the father of Musakhail gave him the honer Zimrai ( Azmaray, lion ), which means " lion " in Pashto.
  16. Otherwise the play remained unknown until it was " discovered " in the British Library by Chris Honer, artistic director of the Library Theatre, Manchester.
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