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  1. Maybe teaching pros could hone their games and join the fun.
  2. Sporting clays are designed to hone a number of shooting skills.
  3. He circled the globe to hone his tactical skills and fitness.
  4. A honed Johnson is about as sharp as a sushi knife.
  5. Indeed, this year it looks more finely honed than ever.
  6. It's difficult to find hone in a sentence.
  7. Instead we should rededicate ourselves to honing the goals of government.
  8. It can also be a good way to hone your game.
  9. These 11 creative activities help kids hone their critical thinking skills.
  10. Then we honed down the sections which best carried the story.
  11. Hosker honed his political skills within the Democratic Party in Massachusetts.
  12. Hone noted at the time, as he might have today.
  13. Apples even help students hone their observation and descriptive writing skills.
  14. She honed it for seven years _ in very good company.
  15. It's a ritual honed on two packs a day.
  16. Then, he honed in on a set of Hogan irons.
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