hondutel in a sentence

  1. Marcelo Chimirri resigned from his post at Hondutel in January 2007.
  2. Financial irregularities with Hondutel were later reported in the Honduran media.
  3. Marcelo Chimirri was appointed head of Hondutel by Zelaya.
  4. Hondutel was the best-documented case of embezzlement.
  5. Hondutel offers services of telephone, fax, satellite, microwave and telegraph transmissions.
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  7. The country is also in the process of selling the state telephone company, Hondutel.
  8. Hondutel's assets include telephone, facsimile and satellite communications, as well as microwave relay stations.
  9. Founded in 1947, Hondutel was under the control of the armed forces for 35 years until 1993.
  10. ENEE receives heavy subsidies to counter its chronic financial problems, but Hondutel is no longer a monopoly.
  11. In 2003, the government approved the sale of Hondutel's B band network, acquired by Megatel.
  12. Active and retired military officers have argued that their long control of Hondutel is in the interest of national security.
  13. After all, the state-owned telephone company, Hondutel, has never been regarded as a model of efficiency.
  14. On Tuesday, riot police dislodged striking phone workers from three Hondutel buildings, leaving three injured in clubbing and scuffling.
  15. Tuesday's statement said HONDUTEL first approached AT & T officials in August about paying the rental charges.
  16. Hondutel's dire financial situation has forced the government to intervene in order to provide funds to cover employees salaries.
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