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  1. The larvae have been recorded feeding on " Conostegia xalapensis " and found feeding on Yemeri ( " Vochysia hondurensis " ) in Belize.
  2. ""'Acianthera hondurensis " "'is a species of orchid native to the Atlantic slope of Laguna Lachu?National Park and Choc髇 Machacas Protected Biotope in Guatemala.
  3. Of these, " hondurensis " was only recently described, while the population in north-western Honduras and adjacent eastern Guatemala ( near Puerto Barrios ) resembles " belizensis " and commonly is included in that subspecies, but may actually represent an undescribed subspecies.
  4. This subspecies was initially treated as a separate species by Ridgway, but it was later merged into the azure-hooded jay . " C . c . guatemalae " ranges from southern Mexico in Chiapas to central Guatemala . " C . c . hondurensis " resides in western Honduras . " C . c . cucullata ", the nominate subspecies, is found in Costa Rica and western Panama.
  5. In adults, the head and upper chest are yellow in the subspecies of the Tres Mar韆s Islands ( " tresmariae " ); just the head in the widespread subspecies of Mexico ( " oratrix " ); just the crown in Belize ( " belizensis " ); and the crown and nape in the Sula Valley of Honduras ( " hondurensis ", which thus resembles the yellow-naped parrot ).
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