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  1. "Operation Homeward " is considered the middle ground.
  2. Spectators and homeward-bound workers outnumbered protesters at some locations.
  3. His first book was " Look Homeward Angel ."
  4. Their homeward flight from Guam brought them across the International Dateline.
  5. She sometimes called at Southampton homewards during the busy fruit season.
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  7. Homeward Bounders cannot die, and must not interfere with Play.
  8. Ibn Maslamah did not take enough supplies for his homeward journey.
  9. She is of great help to him and his homeward journey.
  10. They overwhelm their captors, master the galley and steer homewards.
  11. Homeward bound, she crossed the Simons Bay on 24 April.
  12. After this the expedition " left contented and started homeward ."
  13. Even so the Homeward Bound battery could not crush that year.
  14. The height of the homeward-bound commute in California.
  15. But that was out of synch with these look-homeward times.
  16. Homeward Bound 2 : Lost in San Francisco . 1996.
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