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  1. He still holds dear much of the neo-Nazi creed.
  2. In short, it sends up everything Americans supposedly hold dear.
  3. An Affront to Love, Marriage and All We Hold Dear.
  4. It's one of the values that we hold dear.
  5. He had something to say about everything we hold dear.
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  7. They would sell out every value the community holds dear.
  8. The values we hold dear are what define us as a nation.
  9. That's the ideal that Alexander still holds dear.
  10. As human beings, we hold dear to the value of remorse.
  11. That I swear to you by all I hold dear.
  12. Clearly, this bill does not reflect the values that Americans hold dear,
  13. Just about everything the president holds dear is ridiculed.
  14. Those are the photographs the players will hold dear.
  15. This is an attack on people and the images that they hold dear.
  16. Patience and tranquillity are not qualities they hold dear.
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