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  1. Republicans currently hold control of both houses of the Minnesota state legislature.
  2. The PRI currently holds control over 90 municipalities and the majority of the legislature.
  3. Republicans, too, will spend millions on commercials as part of their effort to hold control.
  4. She chose not to go to hold control of the floor, " said Alderman Kenneth Ortmann.
  5. They hold control over all the gangs in Refuse City, with the exception of the Crows.
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  7. The Democrats narrowly hold control of the Assembly.
  8. They hold control through involvement with the Menatep holding company, which is Yukos'largest shareholder, and through personally owned shares.
  9. Only a being of extreme willpower, such as Thor or Odin, is able to hold control over the armor.
  10. :In MS Excel if you want to'add'a tab-space you hold control and then tab ( ctrl + tab ).
  11. One panel holds control buttons, another the active Web address and the third is where you can drop favorite sites.
  12. Users accidentally hold control while scrolling which also adjusts zoom .  Dispenser 05 : 03, 12 August 2012 ( UTC)
  13. In the Senate alone, where Democrats hold control by a one-vote margin, more than a half-dozen races could swing either way.
  14. However, for four more days a rump Soviet federal government continued to exist, and Gorbachev continued to hold control over the Kremlin.
  15. Until this day, the Indonesian National Police is and still holds control of law enforcement and policing duties all over Indonesia nationally.
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