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  1. But protectionism at its most stringent will not hold back the inevitable.
  2. Where she holds back nothing is in the extent of her bookings.
  3. At this point in my career I have nothing to hold back.
  4. The ADOT plan envisions some retaining walls to hold back loose rock.
  5. Governments sometimes use censorship to hold back information from their citizens.
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  7. There was nothing that I wanted to hold back from her.
  8. Opponents warned writing them into law would hold back medical progress.
  9. An upstream reservoir to hold back flood water was also proposed.
  10. At 100 % capacity the dam wall holds back of water.
  11. Opponents said writing them into law would hold back medical progress.
  12. But investors have found a host of reasons to hold back.
  13. Krayzelburg had to hold back tears through all the congratulatory hugs.
  14. The dam wall holds back the reservoir when at full capacity.
  15. Assembly Republicans have said they also would hold back their votes.
  16. Their purpose is to hold back the water into late summer.
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