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  1. Charlie Hurst, father of Holbeach United by a single vote.
  2. The RAF station is situated approximately north west of Holbeach town centre.
  3. Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School is in Holbeach Gardens.
  4. His mother was Sarah, daughter of John Johnson of Holbeach, Lincolnshire.
  5. The Club was located in Holbeach Ave, Tempe, Sydney, New South Wales.
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  7. Following unsuccessful attempts in the 1830s, the rest of Holbeach Marsh was enclosed in 1840.
  8. It is situated south from Holbeach and 3 miles north-west from Sutton St James.
  9. At the north-east on The Wash saltmarsh is the bombing range of RAF Holbeach.
  10. Further enclosure of marshes were recorded in 1660, in Gedney, Whaplode, Holbeach and Moulton.
  11. The work included the building of an embankment, and resulted in being added to Holbeach parish.
  12. The boundary passes close to the west of Gedney Dyke, and meets the parish of Holbeach.
  13. In 1784, Maltby's cousin Elizabeth had married Buckden, Huntingdonshire and Holbeach, Lincolnshire.
  14. It lies north-east from Holbeach, south from The Wash, and within Holbeach Marsh.
  15. It lies north-east from Holbeach, south from The Wash, and within Holbeach Marsh.
  16. Under Edward VI he would follow Henry Holbeach as the second ( married ) Protestant Bishop of Lincoln.
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