holbeach bank in a sentence

  1. In 1936 a scheme was drawn up by the Boston and District Electricity Supply Co . and presented to the Rural District Council, proposing a supply of electricity to Holbeach Bank
  2. The marsh villages of Holbeach Bank and Holbeach Clough & mdash; or Saracens Head & mdash; are at the south-west edge, and Gedney Dyke at the south-east.
  3. Along with the town of Holbeach proper, the name is found in a number of villages in the Lincolnshire Fens : Holbeach Bank, Holbeach Clough, Holbeach Drove, Holbeach Fen, Holbeach Hurn, Holbeach St Johns, Holbeach St Marks and Holbeach St Matthew.
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