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  1. One night, Virgil is taken to Holban's house.
  2. In November 1872, Ganea and Holban almost dueled over the insinuations.
  3. Similar observations were made regarding the work of modern novelists Anioara Odeanu or Anton Holban.
  4. He was elected President of that Congress, with tefan Holban serving as his secretary.
  5. After Manouchian was arrested in 1943 and executed in February 1944, Holban took over again.
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  7. The Parisian groups were initially led by Boris Holban, then the poet turned activist Missak Manouchian.
  8. Virgil is approached by Holban and asked to write the address of Mirel, but he feigns unawareness.
  9. Contributors to the latter publication included Eug鑞e Ionesco, Eugen Jebeleanu, Emil Botta, Vasile Voiculescu and Anton Holban.
  10. The son of Gheorghe Holban and Antoaneta Lovinescu, he was a writer, French teacher and theoretician of the novel.
  11. Holban said that dedication to school spirit may stem at least partly from A & M's fierce rivalry with UT.
  12. Holban reveals that he knows Virgil has been doing favours for the Gang, and asks him to keep doing so in order to win their trust.
  13. Max's ex-brother-in-law ( Darrell D'Silva ) arrives and relieves Holban of duty due to negligence and exhaustion.
  14. Those two tracks now carry trains to / from the Hillside Facility that has replaced Holban Yard; they can also carry nonstop Main Line trains past Jamaica station.
  15. After a couple of months, Iorgu unintentionally implicates himself, and the group is individually located and arrested by Comrade Holban ( Anton Lesser ) and his police officers.
  16. Holban gave praise to the work as a source of " delight ", and first suggested that Bonciu belonged in the same category as Louis-Ferdinand C閘ine or Axel Munthe.
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