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  1. The family, from the town of Holbaek, were on vacation in Sweden when tracked down by police.
  2. Hatton retained his fringe WBU title for the 12th time later Saturday by stopping Dennis Holbaek Pedersen of Denmark in the sixth round.
  3. The Swedish branch maintained its headquarters in Arboga, before it moved to new Scandinavian headquarters in Holbaek, Denmark, in 2012.
  4. His only other bout that year was a 12 round decision win over Dennis Holbaek, also with his world title on the line.
  5. After this she worked with Gerhard Nielsen at the Holbaek Pottery for a year and then moved on to working at Saxbo for Natalie Krebs.
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  7. The altarpieces can be found at Holbaek, Odense, Ugerloese and Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as Loederup, Hoerup, and Landskrona in Sweden.
  8. Police said the grenades used in Tuesday's attack on the jail in Holbaek and in a Feb . 2 attack in Koege were of Eastern European origin.
  9. Petersen, from the town of Holbaek, 60 kilometers ( 37 miles ) west of Copenhagen, was staying on the island for three weeks to learn English.
  10. The family, from the town of Holbaek, 60 kilometers ( 37 miles ) west of Copenhagen, were on vacation in Sweden when tracked down by British police.
  11. In 1989, at Holbaek Hospital, Henrik was the first physician to successfully combine nasal CPAP and surfactant to treat an infant with severe RDS ( 28 weeks ).
  12. The fire, believed to have been caused accidentally, caused severe damage to the center in a former hotel near Holbaek, 60 kilometers ( 37 miles ) west of Copenhagen.
  13. The grenade, which was fired from a park behind the jail in Holbaek, 45 kilometers ( 28 miles ) west of Copenhagen, didn't explode after breaking through a cell window.
  14. His other research and development work included the social impact of computer technology and the general system description language DELTA ( 1973 1975 ), working with Erik Holbaek-Hanssen and Petter Haandlykken ).
  15. Stadium record of 10, 000 spectators dates back to the early 1970s, when it was associated with a division match in Denmark tournament in football between Slagelse B & I and Holbaek Ball and Athletics Club.
  16. "' S鴕en Reiff "'( born October 22, 1962 in Holbaek, Denmark ) is a Danish guitar player, producer, composer and author, and son of painter Tove Reiff and potter Erik Reiff.
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