holbache in a sentence

  1. Pentrehylin means'Helyin's village'in English and is named for Holbache's ancestor Heilin ap Trahaearn ab Iddon.
  2. The king forced Cornwall to resign and on 13 February sent Burley, Holbache and two other lawyers to investigate after the event.
  3. He likely adopted the surname of Holbache to assist his assimilation into the English-controlled systems of governance, which limited opportunities and privileges for Welshmen.
  4. The other members were the Earl of Arundel, Edward Charleton, 5th Baron Cherleton, Burnell, Holbache and Thomas Prestbury, the abbot of Shrewsbury Abbey.
  5. Cornwall was knight of the shire for Shropshire again in 1407, returned alongside David Holbache, a man of Welsh origins, a close aide and lawyer to Arundel.
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  7. In March 1410 the king ordered Arundel and his legal team, John Burley, David Holbache and Thomas Young, with the addition of royal free chapel at Bridgnorth, this time naming Cornwall clearly as the culprit.
  8. On 18 November 1400 he was sent with Lee, Holbache and Sir John Wiltshire, a close friend of Arundel, to investigate a case where it was suspected a dead man's property was being concealed from the king, a form of tax evasion.
  9. On 25 July 1407, a few days after the licence was granted for Ireland Hall, Prestbury was commissioned, along with the Earl of Arundel and two of his closest supporters, David Holbache and John Burley, to attend to the fortifications of Shrewsbury, using money from customs granted by Richard II.
  10. By March 1410 the king was ordering Arundel and his legal team, John Burley, David Holbache and Thomas Young, together with Lord Furnival, to investigate breaches of customary manorial and grazing rights at Worfield in Morff Forest, made by Arundel's brother-in-law, William de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Bergavenny.
  11. On 11 May 1407 Burley was commissioned, along with Prestbury, Arundel, Charleton, Burnell, Holbache, Young and Lee, to track down and imprison those " preaching, publishing or maintaining or holding schools of any sect or doctrine contrary to the Catholic faith and the sacraments of the Church . " The commission was also addressed to the bailiffs of Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Bridgnorth.

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