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  1. In England, d'Holbach's views influenced Shelley.
  2. D'Holbach's written works often included atheistic themes.
  3. Grimm and d'Holbach supported financially the mother of Th閞鑣e Levasseur.
  4. In Germany, d'Holbach's views influenced Immanuel Kant.
  5. In any case, D'Holbach himself was a professed atheist.
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  7. D'Holbach is believed to have died shortly before the French Revolution.
  8. D'Holbach was strongly critical of abuses of power in France and abroad.
  9. Paul Henri Thiry d Holbach was born here.
  10. Holbach hopes the museum can coordinate funding for the virtual exhibit with the catalog update.
  11. With his financial support, d Holbach attended the Leiden University from 1744 to 1748.
  12. Holbach died in Paris on 21 January 1789, a few months before the French Revolution.
  13. The main stream flowed towards Klettenberg and Holbach where its water power was used in several mills.
  14. However, this is believed to be an invention, Holbach being recorded as dying without issue.
  15. The Germans like Melchior Grimm and Baron d'Holbach were among the most fervent adherents of Italian opera.
  16. The wavy parting is meant to stand for the Holbach, a brook that runs through the municipal area.
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