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  1. Wagner then faced Mark Holata at Bellator 69 on May 18, 2012.
  2. In March 2014, Holata returned to Bellator.
  3. Volkov faced Mark Holata on March 7, 2014 at Bellator 111 in Heavyweight Tournament.
  4. At Bellator 52 Holata lost by first-round knockout to Bellator Season Five Heavyweight Tournament.
  5. Holata rebounded from the loss by defeating Abe Wagner by first-round submission at Bellator 69.
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  7. In the opening round, he faced Mark Holata at Bellator 52 and won via knockout in the first round.
  8. In 2011, Holata returned at Bellator 42, where he defeated Tracy Willis by way of first-round submission.
  9. Chris Guillen was originally set to fight Mark Holata, but Guillen suffered a last minute injury and was replaced by Tracy Willis.
  10. At Bellator 75 Holata lost by first-round submission to Vinicius Queiroz in a quarterfinal of the Bellator Season Seven Heavyweight Tournament.
  11. However, when one messenger appeared at a council of Holata Mico, Sam Jones, Otulkethlocko, Hospetarke, Fuse Hadjo and Passacka, he was made prisoner, but not killed.
  12. Years later Holata Micco ( also known as Billy Bowlegs ) visited Washington and on being escorted through the buildings of the Capitol and viewing many statues and paintings, he suddenly halted before a portrait of Zachary Taylor, grinned and exclaimed : " Me whip !"

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