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  1. The rebuilding was completed in 1488, thanks to funding by citizen Viktorin Holas.
  2. The Cougars are coached by Kyla Holas.
  3. Following Holas'death, Eng.
  4. FIRMS BUY NEWHALL LAND ( For use by NYTimes HOLAS GRUDIN c . 2003 Los Angeles Daily News
  5. Sultan Mohammad Khan and Sadar Khan fled the battlefield and entrenched themselves in a fort that Holas Rai successfully besieged and captured.
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  7. Furthermore, Sultan Mohammad Khan was suddenly informed that a brigand of Marathas led by Holas Rai, were on their way to capture Fatahgarh Fort.
  8. Some sociologists such as the French scholar Holas mentions fifteen identifiable sub-groups of Senufo people, with thirty dialects and four castes scattered between them.
  9. Contributor for The Guardian Nic Holas wrote that anger over the death  is best directed towards  architects of the campaign against the Safe Schools Coalition.
  10. The person was revealed to be Martin Holas, a video game journalist who wrote a Numen review for Czech version of Eurogamer where he gave it 40 %.
  11. "Unless we suddenly see an absolute heat wave, thI { $ V + K EU % QeI Of course, a good year for tour package companies means travelers won't be able to snap up August holas they did last year.
  12. BURBANK, Calif .-The Walt Disney Co .'s earnings will grow 30 percent or more in the current fiscal year and its third-place ABC broadcast network will move to profitability in 2005, Chief Financial Officer hoLas Staggs told investors in New York on Wednesday.
  13. He identified those architects as  the editors and staff of conservative newspapers; the rightwing politicians like Queensland s own George Christensen, who continues to attack any and every aspect of the Safe Schools program and had the temerity to gloat after he successfully  gutted the anti-bullying program; the Australian Christian Lobby who target LGBTIQA children and illegally use their images to spread a deceitful campaign .  Holas attributed Unsworth s bullying to  a culture of conservatism gone mad . 

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