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  1. It is widely distributed in the Holarctic region.
  2. Although they are distributed worldwide most species are in the Holarctic region where there are 19 genera.
  3. "' Eriocraniidae "'is a family of moths restricted to the Holarctic region, with six extant genera.
  4. ""'Stenamma " "'is a genus of cryptic leaf-litter ants that occurs in mesic forest habitats throughout the Holarctic region, Central America, and part of northwestern South America ( Colombia and Ecuador ).
  5. Sclerosomatidae are divided into several subfamilies, with Gagrellinae found in the Indo-Malayan and neotropical region, Gyinae at high elevations in the Caucasus, Alps and Nepal, Leiobuninae in the holarctic region down to Costa Rica, and Sclerosomatinae only in the Palearctic.
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