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  1. I want to hire Bill Clinton to handle my public relations,
  2. Then you hire a public relations team to manage your catastrophe.
  3. She has told regional officials to hire more bilingual staff members.
  4. Vradenburg said the majority of those employees will be hired locally.
  5. -- Studio will have 300 animators with most hired locally.
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  7. Hiring in the Postal Service is colorblind, agency officials said.
  8. Coslet said Steinberg never gave him a chance to hire one.
  9. I was hired to be the head coach for another year,
  10. Potential employers can also access credit reports when making hiring decisions.
  11. She eventually was hired as governess to a wealthy Bronxville family.
  12. McMahan hired a personal gardener to take care of the facilities.
  13. The UAW hopes GM will replace them with workers hired permanently.
  14. "I wasn't ready when they hired me.
  15. The Giants, meanwhile, hired Reeves as a consolation choice.
  16. You think I haven't hired and fired coaches before?
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