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  1. And when a real baseball man enters the room, hide your faces in shame.
  2. To Clippers guard and Providence College alumnus Eric Murdock, the performance was worthy of " making you want to hide your face ."
  3. In 1994, hide recorded and released his first solo album " Hide Your Face ", which reached number 9 on the Oricon chart.
  4. The " Hide Your Face " opening track " Psychommunity ", for example, has four guitar tracks and employs a full string section.
  5. Andrea Peyser, columnist at the " New York Post ", wrote in October 2010 : " Hide your face and grab the kids.
  6. It's difficult to find hide your face in a sentence.
  7. A slightly different version of the song appears on his first studio album, " Hide Your Face ", while a remix appears as the B-side to his third single " Dice ".
  8. Following the victory over Vietnam, he posted an Instagram photo of himself celebrating, with the caption ( translated ) : " To the fans who swapped flags after being told off last time, don't hide your faces behind pillows ok . . just wipe them with tissues ".
  9. X Japan released their first album " Vanishing Vision " on the indie label Extasy Records in 1988; their album " hide later came under the influence of alternative rock, releasing his first solo album " Hide Your Face " in 1994 and launching his successful solo career.
  10. In 1993, Inoran and J teamed up with X Japan guitarist hide to form the group M * A * S * S . Their only material released was the song " Frozen Bug " on the sampler " Dance 2 Noise 004 " ( the song would later be remixed by hide and put on his debut solo album " Hide Your Face " ).

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