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  1. However, herds up to 5, 000 individuals are not unusual.
  2. John Chisum also brought his herds up the Pecos.
  3. Bandera was once the gathering point for cowboys who were taking their herds up Texas cattle trails to the Chisholm and beyond.
  4. Herds are of mixed sex and usually contain between two and 15 animals, though herds up to 100 have been reported.
  5. They might wait until later this spring, when you could see the March 1 breeding herd up 2.5 percent more.
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  7. In 1879, Lizzie Johnson, a cattle owner from Austin, accompanied her herd up the Chisolm Trail in her horse and buggy.
  8. Merrell leads the band of cowhands who shuffle the city's official herd up and down Exchange Avenue twice a day, every day.
  9. In the late 1870s, cattle rustlers, operating out of San Bernardino, would bring their stolen herds up to Angelus Oaks to hide them.
  10. The refuge also provides horse drawn sleigh rides to the public during the winter months so that visitors have the opportunity to see portions of the herd up close.
  11. Several drovers took their herds up through the eastern edge of Kansas; but there, too, they met opposition from farmers, who induced their territorial legislature to pass a protective law in 1859.
  12. He would have known that about a third of the 35, 000 cowboys who steered herds up the trails to the northern markets and railheads were African-Americans and Hispanics, with about twice as many black cowboys as Mexican cowboys making those treks.
  13. Despite collectivization and the institution of the " kolkhoz ", the Nganasans were able to maintain a semi-nomadic lifestyle following domesticated reindeer herds up until the early 1970s, when the state settled the Nganasans along with the Dolgans and seamstresses decorating reindeer boots.

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