herd instinct in a sentence

"herd instinct" meaning  "herd instinct" in Chinese  
  1. We still have a herd instinct, " said Archangelskaya, the newspaper analyst.
  2. Sentimentally, the herd instinct is back, this time in a big way.
  3. "There's a herd instinct in fund-raising, " he acknowledged in an interview.
  4. Among those in one-party districts, a herd instinct exhibits itself on large bills.
  5. The herd instincts of Japanese banks took the place of hard-nosed financial analysis.
  6. It's difficult to find herd instinct in a sentence.
  7. There is a certain herd instinct that plays out among pachyderms,
  8. Without a clear market direction, investors sell based on herd instinct.
  9. People have to avoid the herd instinct that was very damaging in 1982.
  10. From then on the so-called herd instinct among them takes over.
  11. -- Herd Instinct : Something that can no longer be underestimated.
  12. It seems like they have a herd instinct ( to making movies today ),
  13. They don't feel they need to maintain that herd instinct.
  14. The herd instinct appears to be at work as well among gallery owners, brokers said.
  15. Herd instinct is driving the Russian rally as it enters its second week, traders said.
  16. The jewelry is not for insecure people and does not appeal to the herd instinct.
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