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"heeling" meaning  "heeling" in Chinese  
  1. Your dog should be " accomplished in heeling ."
  2. Raising the dinghy centreboard can reduce heeling by allowing more leeway.
  3. He was also adept at back heeling penalty kicks into the goal.
  4. Team Roping is also known as heading and heeling at the rodeo.
  5. As more heeling force causes more heel, weather helm may be experienced.
  6. It's difficult to find heeling in a sentence.
  7. Photographic evidence of the severe heeling was presented.
  8. The heeling force of the sail is balanced by the force of the keel.
  9. To avoid heeling, he'll steer a course downwind, not across it.
  10. Britton has now developed skill at heeling in temporarily displaced shrubbery and then replanting it.
  11. Just the same, he recommends protective gear _ and common sense _ when heeling.
  12. But the proof is in the pudding, or actually the heeling, sitting, and staying.
  13. Heeling, hiking out and the boom are just a few of the terms sailors use to communicate.
  14. And I think heeling eventually will be right up there with skateboarding and aggressive inlining _ I hope.
  15. His first goal was particularly brilliant, heeling a shot between his legs off a Karel Poborsky assist.
  16. The boat was heeling more than normal, apparently because the Kiwis couldn't control the mainsail.
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